chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things

the wind…

I step outside to smell the dawn, a blush of peach at the hilltops, and hear the loud shhhhhhh of wind in the huge round maple on the next block.

I’m tumbled back to another time, another wind: high school, a chilly autumn night, wind blowing. I’m at a high school football game on a date with Neil, a tall, dark-haired boy from another school. Our only date.

In the bleachers, everyone’s standing to watch the play at the far end of the field. We’re side by side, but turned, so Neil is slightly behind me. He leans gently against my back and wraps his arms around me. The feeling is so sweet and so safe I nearly faint.

The memory of it is all one thing, one moment: the field under lights… the distant players… the bleachers… standing… his arms around me… and the cool wind against my face.

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