chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things

blue streak…

Steller's Jay photo by Alan D. WilsonThe Steller’s Jay has a lot to say about the morning. He’s critical of the sprinkler dripping into the vegetable garden. He’s anxious because repeated trips to the spruce have failed to turn up the peanuts he cached there on the shelves of its flat, spiky fronds. He gives a stern warning to the man who delivers the newspaper after the blue-bagged roll sails end-over-end through the parentheses of his attention. He announces his claim on the wasps who still buzz around the plum tree although the fruit is long gone. To emphasize his strident messages, he hops heavily along the edge of the flat roof, a bouncing blue exclamation point.
Steller’s Jay photo Copyright © 2006, Alan D. Wilson, Nature’s Pics

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