chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things


DAK note - I'm wondering...As my mother’s vision and other faculties diminished, she continued to draw and, occasionally, to write. Yesterday I opened an art book and found, tucked inside, this note scrawled on a bit of scratch paper. It says, “I’m wondering if memory is something you remember or something you forget.”

Holding the note in my hand, I felt — I feel — a clutch of grief and compassion. She struggled so. Failed and succeeded, like all of us, in so many ways. And even near the end, when complete sentences were beyond her capability, she maintained a spark of humor, curiosity and wonder.

One response to “wondering…

  1. Myrhme September 9, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Yes, I’m forgetting, too, and remembering things I never knew.

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