chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things

the file cabinet…

tan file cabinetThe office-surplus delivery truck had backed into the driveway with a series of loud beeps, the driver emerging to lower the file cabinet on the tail gate and wheel it to the door, where she was waiting. A tattoo swirled above the collar of his denim shirt up toward his ear and another was just visible on his left arm, below his rolled-up sleeve.

She led him through the hall and the dining room to her office, where she’d cleared a space amidst cardboard boxes filled with file folders. After he’d shoved the cabinet against the wall and she’d signed the delivery manifest and watched the truck pull away, she returned to the office with a damp rag and wiped the top, sides and four drawer-fronts.

Second-hand but without dents or scratches, the file cabinet was the color of chocolate milk. Starting at the bottom, she opened each drawer. The heavy drawers pulled open easily and snapped shut with a satisfying thunk. In each one, a few dark green bits of paper — chips of hanging folders — had collected in the back corners. She picked them out, then wiped the inside of each drawer.

She knew the cleaning was obsessive, but, she told herself, it was just part of claiming the thing as her own.

Reaching beneath the drawers, she wiped the undersides. The cloth snagged on the bottom of the third drawer, so she kneeled on the rug and bent over to examine the drawer more carefully.

A folded square of white paper had been taped to the bottom of the drawer, the tape along three edges still stuck, but the fourth curled slightly to catch the rag. She looked at the paper for a long time before beginning to peel away the tape…

file cabinet photo

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