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post post…

wordhash ~ postcard ~ © j.i. kleinberg

One cupboard in my studio is crammed with boxes of postcards. I love postcards, and back in the 20th century, long before computers would do everything and a couple of clicks would turn words into wordle, I designed a bunch of them and had them printed.

Abandoning my earlier efforts with ransom-note-style words clipped from magazines, I moved into the (then, to me) fantastically high-tech world of dry-transfer lettering. Writing is (almost) always done one letter at a time. But this work gave new meaning to the process, searching for the right font and the right letter from scores of Letraset sheets (damn! all the k’s are gone), carefully rubbing each letter onto blue-grid paper, hoping the letter wouldn’t crack or deform the paper or lift off part of another word…

The resulting postcards, printed on creamy paper, sold here and there, and got posted to family, friends and mail-art correspondents around the world. But a thousand is a lot of postcards and there are still some left in the cupboard, waiting to find a loving home, a stamp, a place on a bulletin board…

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