chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things


vintage Krizia wolf sweaterWith her accession to office power, Beverly’s wardrobe suddenly improved. She had always been stylish and well put-together, but now her clothing screamed fashion, money.

She was accessorized to the minute, from her beautiful earrings to her gorgeous high heels. She had a lavish — and growing — collection of silk blouses, sweaters and jackets that featured tigers, panda bears and other megafauna — clothing of the moment we had seen, priced in four figures, during our lunchtime window-shopping along Rodeo Drive. She submitted herself to the frequent ministrations of hairdressers, facialists, masseurs and other artists of personal care she deemed essential to her position.

Like an exotic bird, she preened. Drab hens, the rest of us speculated about fabulously wealthy ex-husbands, family money and “favors” that might allow her to thus augment her wardrobe on a secretary’s salary…
Krizia sweater

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