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the increments of plums…

plum tree ~ 11 March 2012In my memory, the plum tree buds one day and blasts into bloom another. But no. These trees are wise to the moods of late winter, the frolics of wily spring.

When frost still coats the soil, the first sign of budding bulges from the twigs, hardly more than a fattening. Then these bumps separate from the wood, assume a roundness, tiny as mustard seeds.

Gradually, imperceptibly, over many weeks, they expand, and twigs freshen, the color of the tree taking on a pale green that plumps and lightens with each passing day.

Now, in the drenched and windblown not-yet-spring, green buds have cracked to show the white petals still knotted beneath, and two or three, their throats filled with rain, have spread their white skirts, released their delicate must, to invite the yet-slumbering bees.

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