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the archive of lost history…

lost historyYesterday, looking at other people’s old Christmas photos — kids sitting in front of Christmas trees, at the hearth in front of an array of stockings — I checked for holiday photos of my own. I didn’t find any, but discovered, again, among albums-full of cousins and friends, many unidentified images from my parents’ past: a baby in a buggy, May 1923; the foal of the horse my mother owned with friends in the 1940s; a house, somewhere; a WWII soldier on a European street, another soldier’s shadow on the sidewalk.

What do I do with these old photos? No sibs, no kids, no one to tell me who or where, do I just throw them away? Submit them to some anonymous archive of lost history?

If I keep them long enough, will they become important to me? If I keep them long enough, will they become the illustrations, the inspiration, for stories, poems, yet waiting to be written?

One response to “the archive of lost history…

  1. susan bourne December 27, 2012 at 6:43 am

    yes… wondrous source materials for ekphrastic poetry… hmm, ekphrastic found poetry?

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