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heather in MarchHere in the upper lefthand corner of the U.S., in the early-March garden, spring is mostly a matter of hints and suggestions. The bare wood of the plum twigs and hydrangea stalks now show fattening nubs and leaflets. An inch of red-brown peony pokes up through the soil. The precocious azaleas and rhododendrons seem to gather themselves from their winter bedraggled-ness and ready a crown of tight, yet-colorless buds. Upon the accidental touch, the juniper’s nearly-invisible cones billow forth a cloud of pollen. The cotoneaster, still bearing some of its red berries, pushes out its first tiny, leathery leaves. Hellebores unfurl their shy, downward-facing blooms. But oh, the heather. Nothing shy. Nothing subtle. The garden’s Pied Piper. Just that pure, announcing color that says hang on, don’t despair, spring is almost here and the long, languorous days of summer can’t be far behind.

2 responses to “outside…

  1. tomwisk March 10, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Another prompt by nature to get with the program. Winter may hang on but his grip is tenuous. Get out and enjoy.

  2. jik March 10, 2013 at 11:11 am

    Took the prompt yesterday, the first sunny, warm day of the season, and today all my rusty gardening muscles are happy to see we’re back to gray gloom.

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