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Monthly Archives: December 2014

found poem: the Year

found poem © j.i. kleinberg ~ the Year
found poem © j.i. kleinberg


found poem: a glass

found poem © j.i. kleinberg ~ a glass
found poem © j.i. kleinberg
with gratitude (and apologies) to e.e. cummings

found poem: mass

found poem: typewriter


Kleinberg Special GreetingsI was not yet 2 years old but already had the holidays (and everything else) well in hand, if the depiction on that year’s family greeting card is to be believed.
As always, my mother’s deft lines captured something uniquely right about each of us, the message drifting up from chimneys lining the bottom edge and the red and green highlights added by hand.
Merry Christmas!

found poem: the night before

decorous days…

joy, baby!

as you’re sitting round the table…

found poem: our frantic

found poem: Drawn

found poem: the leaving

found poem: the great

found poem: SCARED

found poem: deciduous

found poem: the night

found poem: I HAVE

found poem: place

found poem: to commit

found poem: Since

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