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Monthly Archives: July 2016



Hugely pleased to have seven of my found poems included in issue forty-two of Otoliths. It’s a particular honor to be included with artists/writers whose work I’ve admired and respected for so long, including Richard Kostelanetz, Karl Kempton and John M. Bennett.

found poem: I was

found poem © j.i. kleinberg ~ I was
found poem © j.i. kleinberg
published in Adjacent Pineapple, Issue 5

I’ll be back…

found poem: stained

found poem: this improbable

found poem: of all

found poem: the minute

found poem: the subtleties

found poem: off and on

found poem: Blue

found poem: the complicated


Haven’t we died enough?
Haven’t our hearts been wrenched from our chests?
Must we learn every day anew to grieve, to trust, to breathe?

found poem: an unfashionable

found poem: hope

found poem: the condition

found poem: following

found poem: the first

found poem: nights

found poem: IT’S

found poem: My dark

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