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Monthly Archives: November 2016

found poem: some

found poem: there was

found poem: sneak

found poem: with a mouthful

found poem: ready

found poem: IGNOMINIOUS

found poem: You are

found poem: diversity

found poem: losing

found poem: we are

found poem: I see

found poem: the blueberry

found poem: identify

found poem: shape

found poem: If you’re

Veterans Day

LRK tags and bronze star certificate

My father was a smart and honest man, quiet and hardworking, with a fine sense of humor, genuine warmth, and a profound love of family. He was a deep thinker and an avid reader. He approached problems with the orderly sensibility of an engineer. He fought for his country in a terrible war and, like most soldiers, saw too much that was unbearable. Whatever was broken inside him as a result of that experience remained — through strength of character, habit, luck, training, fear, or sheer stubbornness — contained and silent for the rest of his long life. I salute him and I miss him.

found poem: like nature

found poem: in

found poem: these

found poem: the break

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