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Monthly Archives: October 2017

found poem: shadows

found poem: clearly

found poem: clouds

found poem: we’ve reconciled

found poem: abruptly

found poem: between

found poem: the priority

found poem: perturbed

Beechwood Review

Just received my print copy of Beechwood Review 3 that includes three of my found poems. Fully half of the issue is visual works in color — found poems, erasures, collage, etc. Thanks, Beechwood!

found poem: so much

found poem: I used to

found poem: THE TEA

tonight in Tacoma!

found poem: during

found poem: WHEN DAY

this evening in Bellingham!

Please join us this evening at the Mount Baker Theatre Encore Room where Poetry Postcards: a panel and conversation will be a lively exploration of the poetry and art of postcards. We have a terrific panel of poets, artists, educators, and avid fans of the postcard, including Tallie Jones, Nancy Pagh, Eugenia Hepworth Petty, Ina Roy, Joanna Thomas, and moderator Paul Nelson.

There will be lots of images, poems, and conversation about spontaneous poetics and how postcards fit into our text/social media/email/hashtag lifestyle, plus a couple of the panelists will offer prompts or exercises.

The event is also a book launch for 56 Days of August, the anthology of the 2016 August Poetry Postcard Fest.

ALSO, we are doing a free POSTCARD EXCHANGE. Bring unused postcards (commercial or homemade) and take a new card home for every one you bring.

The entire event is free (except for book sales, which are encouraged) and should be a lot of fun. Please join us and bring your art/poetry pals!

found poem: and if

found poem: too much

found poem: grieving

found poem: We persevere

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