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Monthly Archives: May 2018

found poem: a superlative

found poem: his voice

found poem: dramatic

found poem: be afraid

found poem: SPRING’S

Infinity’s Kitchen

Another long-awaited publication (submitted January 2017, accepted February 2017): Infinity’s Kitchen, Issue 9, a graphic literary journal of experimental writing and art, with three of my found poems. Available online and in print.

found poem: the blue

found poem: resist

found poem: Secrets

found poem: What is

found poem: Hummingbirds

found poem: and to his


Home from a beautiful long weekend in the Methow Valley with friends and poetry to find the latest edition of Stoneboat Literary Journal (8.2, Spring 2018) in the mailbox with three of my found poems in it. Thanks, Stoneboat!

found poem: memory

found poem: who owned

found poem: the sweatshop

found poem: the fear

found poem: AND THE EYE

Dream Pop!

The acceptances — and the actual publications — seem to come in bursts, with long periods of quiet in between. That’s okay with me. Dream Pop Journal publishes “experimental, non-narrative writing” and they’ve published three of my found poems in issue 4. Thanks, Dream Pop!

found poem: meadows

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