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Monthly Archives: April 2019

found poem: the unbearable

found poem: Hannah

found poem: look at the line


cover imageSo grateful to Emmy Song and Minute Magazine for publishing my poem The first fold. You can read the poem online in Issue 7 and listen to the podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Spotify.

found poem: his established

found poem: discovered

found poem: the greenery

found poem: drizzle

found poem: with a multihued perspective

found poem: an indelible image

found poem: censorship


Kissing Dynamite

What Rough Beast

Special thanks to What Rough Beast (a project of Indolent Books) for publishing 10 of my found poems as their April 3, 2019, post. What Rough Beast posts “A poem a day [or 10] by a different poet exploring and responding to our nation’s political reality.”

found poem: the public

found poem: the River

found poem: In the city

found poem: a mouth

found poem: rowdy

found poem: Fear

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