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Monthly Archives: August 2019

found poem: a really bad thing

found poem: poetry

found poem: the malicious

found poem: that unscrupulous

Clade Song

Very pleased that Tim Kahl and Joshua McKinney have published two of my poems in issue 9 of Clade Song: Asteroidea and Collocation. As a bonus, Clade Song offers poem-specific related links when you click on the animals in the sidebars. Such links are provided for each poem in the issue — quite a demonstration of above-and-beyond commitment by the editors!

Here’s Wikipedia on clade: A clade, also known as monophyletic group, is a group of organisms that consists of a common ancestor and all its lineal descendants, and represents a single “branch” on the “tree of life.”

found poem: this weird

found poem: bestiary

found poem: thumb in the eye

The Gravity of the Thing

found poem: the economy

found poem: history

found poem: your attention

found poem: assembly

found poem: tugging

if it’s Tuesday…

found poem: The house

found poem: Though devoted

found poem: SKY A STORY

found poem: sprawled

found poem: on the coats

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