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found poem: evolution

found poem: pictures

Thanksgiving, early

Here’s one more thing to be grateful for: my poem Re-Wind has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by December Magazine. It’s extremely unlikely to actually be selected as a winner, and it’s considered an honor to be nominated; a poet whose work I admire was just nominated for the 18th time! (This is my second.) Thank you, thank you, December Magazine!

found poem: what is

found poem: language

Dunes Review

Just received my copy of Dunes Review, Vol. 23, Number 2, which includes my poems “Avocado,” “Cartographer of Melancholy,” and “When Staying is Leaving, Leaving Staying.” So grateful to the editors and Michigan Writers Press.

found poem: irreverent

found poem: tight

found poem: answering

found poem: the writer

found poem: the creepy

found poem: the whole

found poem: Did shoes dream?

found poem: curator

found poem: The house

found poem: poetry

found poem: moonlight

found poem: Although

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