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Monthly Archives: March 2020

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a poem, for a change

On the trail

How courteous we were
yesterday as we stepped

off the trail to allow others
plenty of room to pass

untouched, no brushing
of shoulders, not close enough

to notice that in our isolation
we hadn’t bathed, that we’d barely

climbed out of our pajamas,
run the toothbrush round

our mouths before yielding
ourselves to this extravagance

of spring, the river an icy celadon
in a stripe of afternoon sun,

moss-painted boulders big as cars,
fallen trees tossed in a snarl,

the ups and downs of the path
playing with the song

of the river, louder, softer,
as we step aside, wait, smile

at the dogs rushing to greet us,
to reassure us, it’s okay, you smell good.
© J.I. Kleinberg

One Sentence Poems, again (and again)

One Sentence Poems has selected two of my short (one-sentence) poems for publication: “Song” and “Resolution.” Really appreciate the careful work of editors Dale Wisely, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, and Tony Press.

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