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Monthly Archives: May 2020

found poem: our goodbyes

found poem: This story

found poem: we learn

found poem: We don’t sleep

found poem: Birdcage

Journal of the Plague Year

Journal of the Plague Year is an ambitious new online journal that seems to have been birthed fully formed in response to current events. I am honored to have been invited to submit my found poems and to have two selected for publication.

found poem: alone

found poem: precarious

Full Bleed

Literary journals are not exactly high on the essential list (except for their staff and contributors), so it’s both gratifying and impressive when one carries on and births a new issue in spite of the odds. I am very grateful to Full Bleed for including to of my found poems, hummingbirds and to write, in Issue 4, out this week.

found poem: the solution

found poem: The world’s

found poem: hope

found poem: how to move forward

found poem: evaluate

found poem: But, if you…

found poem: place

found poem: I saw May


Pendemic is an online journal out of Ireland, created to share new writing in response to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). I’m very pleased that they’ve published three of my recent found poems.

Explorations in Media Ecology

I’m thrilled (and a little dazzled) to have three of my found poems published in the scholarly journal Explorations in Media Ecology, Volume 19, Number 1. It’s a handsome publication. Here’s one spread:

found poem: THE WORK

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