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Monthly Archives: July 2020

found poem: rage

found poem: weary

found poem: when the self

found poem: shadow

another three published

found poem: IF ALL ELSE FAILS

found poem: the noise

found poem: the night

found poem: collapse

found poem: my weekend

Bracken: corona hopelings

The wonderful literary journal Bracken has, since early April, offered an occasional series called corona hopelings. Here’s their definition of hopelings: “birds that live in the middle of your chest and feel things most acutely. Hopelings are migratory birds and travel regularly to Hope, no matter the distance. Corona hopelings are a mutated species of hopelings born out of response to coronavirus.” I am hugely honored that editor Alina Rios has selected three of my found poems for publication.
(If you enjoy them, I hope you’ll click on the little red heart at the bottom of the Bracken page!)

found poem: when I called


The word petrichor refers to the fragrance of first rain on dry ground. Petrichor is also a journal of text and image, and I am very grateful they have selected two of my found poems for Issue 15.

found poem: a shared language

found poem: here

found poem: you grew up

found poem: the collective

another close, but…

Different manuscript, different publisher, and once again
on the finalists list.
Received lots of nice feedback,
but no contract. Yet.
Congratulations to the winners and the finalists of the 2020 Poetry Box Chapbook Prize.

found poem: to become light

found poem: emotions

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