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Monthly Archives: September 2020

found poem: born

found poem: we wanted

found poem: the superpower

found poem: citizen

found poem: we can measure

autumn, ring

found poem: RBG

found poem: KILLING

found poem: the rivening place


One Sentence Poems

The wonderful online publication One Sentence Poems has accepted four of my found poems, to be published one a day on September 14, September 15, September 16, and September 17, 2020. See the links in the sidebar at left for my other appearances in One Sentence Poems. If you appreciate brevity, subscribe to OSP and get a little dose in your mailbox every few days.

found poem: the question

found poem: This is what


Continuing with the everything-published-at-once theme, here is perhappened magazine, with my poem “Stepping out” published in the brand new mixtape issue. Each of the poems is inspired by a song and links to the songs are provided along with the poems.

found poem: the rivers


After months of submitting, waiting, and wading through lots of rejections and a number of acceptances, it appears that publication month has arrived. Here’s another: Epigraph has published two of my found poems in Issue 21, pages 10 and 11 (view or download as PDF). My work last appeared in Epigraph Issue 16.

Entropy (again!)

I am enormously pleased that Entropy: The Birds has published three of my found-bird poems along with a wonderful photo of a juvenile Magnificent Frigatebird by Joe Meche Photography. Thank you, Entropy, and thank you, Joe!

(Entropy, which is a thoughtful and valuable literary resource, previously published two other found-bird poems of mine.)

found poem: vulnerable

found poem: listen

found poem: the swell

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