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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Happy New Year!


found poem: though

found poem: to imagine

found poem: a dark

found poem: her Christmas


It’s nomination season in the literary world — the time when publications select “best-of” poems, stories, etc., from the year’s issues for possible inclusion in anthologies with wide distribution. It’s a surprise and an honor to have one of my found poems, we are bound, nominated for Best of the Net by The Gravity of the Thing.

This is actually my third Best of the Net nomination and I’m enormously grateful to each of the publications that have seen fit first to publish my work and then to nominate it!

deLuge Journal

Very pleased to have three found poems in deLuge Journal, Issue 6.1, pages 50-52. Thanks to founder/editors Sue Scavo and Karla Van Vliet and to the wonderful poets and artists whose work appears in these pages.

found poem: the arbitrary

found poem: moss

found poem: The December

found poem: your solitude

found poem: the day

found poem: LET’S

found poem: life

found poem: absence

found poem: dusk

found poem: clouds

found poem: we were

round and round

Wreath or lifesaver or spinning dreidel…
with my warmest wishes to you for a colorful season and a luminous new year. j.i.k.
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