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Monthly Archives: May 2021

found poem: call

found poem: Sometimes

Global Poemic

found poem: definition

found poem: the center

Dylan at 80

found poem: a pathogen


found poem: the sun

Pocket Lint

Well, here’s a quirky little ‘zine that has included three of my found poems in its inaugural issue. Pocket Lint is “a new little lit magazine of short form poems/poetics” published twice a year in a print run of 321 copies (I received numbers 57 and 79). It’s the brainchild of Warren Dean Fulton out of British Columbia and is itself a sort of collage. It’s an honor to have my work rubbing shoulders with so many poets whose names and work I’ve known for so long.

found poem: true

found poem: The taxonomy

found poem: the water

found poem: In the charismatic


found poem: my extrovert

found poem: and then

found poem: the tides

found poem: DEFINE

found poem: in the empty

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