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Monthly Archives: October 2021

found poem: appear

Rejection Letters, belatedly

When, back in August, the journal Rejection Letters accepted two of my poems, I was thrilled. They said the poems would be published on September 29, which I noted in my calendar — on today’s date, October 29. Geez. So here, belatedly, are my two Rejection Letters poems, “The new math” and “At the laundromat with Pablo Picasso.” Thank you Rejection Letters!

found poem: a poem


Back in July, I posted the good news that my poem “Ornament” had been published in Quartet Journal, Volume 1, Number 3. Here it is late October and Quartet has again honored me by selecting “Ornament” as the feature poem in their new call for submissions, currently appearing on a variety of poetry pages all over Facebook. Thank you again, Quartet Journal!

found poem: in our logic

found poem: A survey


found poem: my body

found poem: dark

found poem: the keeper

found poem: One dawn

found poem: Lately

found poem: under

The Babel Tower Notice Board

home page image of The Confusion of Tongues by Gustave DoréAn online journal out of England, The Babel Tower Notice Board celebrates “any act of writing intended as revelry, dissent, transgression, heresy, pleasure or play.” Enormously pleased that they have found two of my visual poems worthy of that description, featured today.

found poem: the asphalt

found poem: It was a life

found poem: For all

The Poeming Pigeon: today

The latest edition (the 11th) of the literary journal The Poeming Pigeon is themed From Pandemic to Protest and I’m honored to have an early pandemic poem, “On the trail, March,” included.

The Poetry Box LIVE will host a reading on Zoom today, Saturday, October 9, 2021, at 4:00pm Pacific, and you’re invited. The reading is expected to last 90 minutes; I’ll read 11th of 31 poets. No advance registration is required. Click here for details or find the event info on Facebook.

found poem: where the bond

found poem: The work

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