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Monthly Archives: March 2022

found poem: some tender spring day

found poem: family

found poem: to language

found poem: night

found poem: Hard work

found poem: the snow

found poem: LIGHT

found poem: that love

Singing with the Nightingales

I am grateful and honored to have two of my found poems included in the catalog and online exhibit of Singing with the Nightingales: a WAAVe Global Response to the Ukraine Situation.

WAAVe is Women Asemic Artists & Visual Poets // WAAVe Global, an online group. In response to the current/ongoing war in Ukraine, one of the artists, Karla Van Vliet, invited WAAVe members to contribute work that would be exhibited and assembled into a catalog, with proceeds benefiting Ukraine. The 50-page print and/or digital catalog is available for purchase on MagCloud (you have to register to purchase) and a preview of selected work can be viewed on Van Vliet Gallery.

[see: asemic]


The online journal Osmosis is featuring one of my found poems. If you stop by, I’d be grateful if you’d scroll down the page and click Like. Thanks! (to you and to Osmosis)

found poem: clashing

found poem: lightning-fast

found poem: belligerence

Persimmon Tree

Very pleased to have two of my visual poems included in the “Forgetting” issue of Persimmon Tree. (One is near the top of the page, the other near the bottom.)

found poem: many


found poem: landscape

found poem: question

found poem: the tragic

found poem: what daily toll

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