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Monthly Archives: September 2022

found poem: SPEAKING

found poem: exactly

found poem: poodle

found poem: autumn

found poem: some days

postcard recap

August is a great time to read and to be near the water, but in terms of gardening, cultural events, and even travel, it is often less than ideal. Nonetheless, August has become one of my favorite months thanks to the Poetry Postcard Fest. Since 2011, I’ve been writing a poem each day of August and mailing it to one of the other 31 people in my assigned group. They do the same, and the postcards appear in the mailbox like magic (though it’s rare to get the full complement of 31).

In a number of years past, I’ve written on a theme. Since this year’s list (Group 1 of 17) included many people I’ve exchanged cards/poems with in the past, I used and incorporated words or lines from their poems to prompt mine. I appreciate anything that takes my writing in unexpected directions (like the accidental phrases in my found poems) as well as the sense of reinforcing the connection with this far-flung group of poets.

This year’s incoming poems were better than ever and the daily practice encourages me to keep writing. Along with a selection of “bonus” cards sent by people not on this year’s list, I had a lovely bonus face-to-face meeting with one of the poets on my list who was visiting Bellingham on a journey up the West Coast. I’ve already signed up for the 2023 Poetry Postcard Fest, and you can too!

found poem: milk birds


A while back, poet Shannon P. Laws decided to create a zine, a casual, monthly collection of 10 or so poems that she would print and distribute “by hand to various local shops around Bellingham, WA.” Corridor is exactly that: small, free, and quirky, with a mix of poets and poetry. I discovered a few corridors winding through my found poems and I’m delighted Corridor, Volume 6, includes two of them.

The Journal of Radical Wonder

found poem: in the darkness

found poem: recalling

found poem: the season

found poem: This instant

found poem: the other hand

found poem: blade

found poem: I intended

found poem: meeting

found poem: just listen.

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