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Monthly Archives: October 2022

found poem: smiling

found poem: wanting

found poem: an ungainly planet

found poem: the American

found poem: the refuge

found poem: of love

found poem: nighttime

found poem: STREAMS

found poem: Sunday

found poem: the moon

Atlas & Alice, again!

Online literary journals come and go. Beginning with fierce intent and clear vision, some fold before, or just after, the first issue is published. Glamorous from the outside, like owning a restaurant, perhaps, the issue-after-issue grind of details and timelines and personalities often turn out to be more than the founders bargained for, to say nothing of the pay.

While online journals don’t have the long history of print journals (or, often, the resources of university or foundation support), they offer a nimble counterpoint to print, publishing work that may be technically challenging or experimental before print journals can do so. When an online journal sticks around through all the challenges, it’s evidence of faith and grit and a sense of humor. Atlas & Alice has been around since 2013. They published my visual poems in 2015, again in 2021, and today Atlas & Alice is featuring one of my Emily poems on their website and on Twitter. I salute Benjamin Woodard and his editorial team and am honored to be included in their enduring vision.

found poem: I was

Green Ink Poetry

found poem: dangerous

on view at the Skagit Poetry Festival

This past weekend, for the first time in four years, the (normally biennial) Skagit River Poetry Festival brought together poets and poetry-lovers from around the region and around the world. In a series of panels and readings, participants get an intensive dose of poetry shared in a wide array of voices.

The La Conner, Washington, festival supports the work of the Skagit River Poetry Foundation, which provides instruction in poetry to teachers and students and brings high school students to the festival from school districts in Skagit, Island, and Whatcom counties. The first four sessions of panels and readings are for students, and the remaining events open to the public.

I was honored to be a presenter on five panels along with some truly stellar poets, and to exhibit my found poems alongside the stunning work of poet/photographer Lorraine Healy on the walls of Maple Hall, where the festival’s large gatherings are held.

The next Skagit River Poetry Festival is slated for 2024. Watch for it.

found poem: long before

found poem: to paint

found poem: Shedding

found poem: wings

found poem: before

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