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Red Eft Review (again!)

Red Eft Review

So grateful to editor Corey Cook, who has published my poem “Summer Days” in Red Eft Review. (A red eft is the terrestrial juvenile stage in the metamorphosis of the eastern newt of North America.)

found poem: grumpy

found poem: I am glad

found poem: the window

found poem: used to

found poem: horses

found poem: incoherence

found poem: to swell

found poem: We were

found poem: the museums

found poem: is grieving

found poem: east

Quartet Journal

Quartet Journal has published my poem “Ornament” in the Summer 2021 issue along with a brief explanation. (The poem appears not quite halfway down the page.) I’m honored to be included in this lovely collection.


Was pleased to open my email and find a link to the latest issue of Breathe, with a found poem of mine included (and, according to the note, more to come).

found poem: July

found poem: remember

found poem: This generous

Harpy Hybrid Review


black text on white ground with partial green underlineVery pleased to have three of my found poems published in the Italian online journal Utsanga. A journal of the liminal — the threshold between states of being — Utsanga favors the eclectic and experimental.

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