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found poem: night owl

found poem © j.i. kleinberg

found poem: bring

found poem © j.i. kleinberg

found poem: trial and error

found poem: Washington

found poem: March

found poem: Duchamp

found poem: besotted

found poem: FEEL

The Odd

found poem: fantasia

found poem: the way

found poem: legislators

found poem: history

found poem: life

found poem: I think

found poem: the earth

and yet again…

Kind of surprising when the announcements come in one after the other, but I’m willing to accept it as gifts of auspicious beginnings for 2020. Thanks to Young Ravens Literary Review, which has published two of my found-raven poems in issue 11.

That’s Dayna Patterson’s “Heart Beet” on the cover. Swoon.

and the first for 2020…

An auspicious beginning: a collection of “month” poems from right hand pointing that includes two of mine: April and May.

This is the third time Dale Wisely and team have selected my work for publication and I’m deeply grateful. (And also to find myself in such fine company, including Susan J. Erickson.)

one more for 2019

This has been a good year for getting my found poems published and here’s one more for 2019, out today: Literary Orphans 39.

Each issue of LO honors a musician whose grit and energy is admired by the editors. This one salutes Kim Shattuck, and here’s Mike Joyce’s Letter from the Editor with more about Kim.

I’m grateful to Mike and the Literary Orphans team for including three of my found poems in this issue. And I’m grateful to you for following my posts and offering your Likes and Comments.

I hope 2020 brings the clear vision the number suggests. Happy New Year!

found poem: vocabulary

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