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found poem: a poem

found poem: happiness

found poem: How does The violin

found poem: My blue sky

found poem: In the dialogue

found poem: interstices

found poem: Long slats of light

found poem: The air

petrichor, again

Honored to be published for the third time in petrichor, now in issue 20 and previously in issues 5 and 15. (As a reminder, petrichor is that unique aroma of rain hitting dry ground.) Thanks, petrichor!


found poem: We want

found poem: our bracelet


Impostor: A Poetry Journal has published one of my found poems in Volume 2, Issue 2, page 6. Always an honor to be selected. Big thanks to the editors, L.M. Camiolo and Coral O’Leary.

found poem: the moon’s

Aromatica Poetica, again

The online journal Aromatica Poetica, which celebrates the oft-neglected senses of smell and taste, has just featured five of my visual poems of scent. Another five were featured in April 2020. I’m so grateful to editor M. Leona Godin and her team at Aromatica Poetica for selecting and featuring my work.

found poem: we wake

New Note

found poem: I hunted

found poem: I kept asking

found poem: I can’t

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