chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things


roadmap of dreams © j.i. kleinberg 2014
roadmap of dreams © j.i. kleinberg 2014
“People’s Choice” winner, 12th Street Shoes Stilettos on Parade, June 2014

lampshade 2013
lampshade © j.i. kleinberg 2013

pink-hearted vest © j.i. kleinberg 1972
pink-hearted vest © j.i. kleinberg 1972

heart vest by j.i. kleinberg 1972
pink-hearted vest (back) © j.i. kleinberg 1972
wool, leather buttons

detail of side ~ I Am by j.i. kleinberg
arm and side detail ~ I Am © j.i. kleinberg 1975
crochet ribbon with writing ~ life size female figure
collected by Catherine Hillenbrand

foot detail ~ I Am by j.i. kleinberg
foot detail ~ I Am © j.i. kleinberg 1975

floor cushion ~ j.i. kleinberg 1977
floor cushion © j.i. kleinberg 1977
crochet silk ~ approx. 15″ x 20″ ~ 4″ foam slab
collection of Andrea Aidells and Ernie Nadel

woven textile © j.i. kleinberg 1968
silk ~ 15″ x 41″

Horseshoe © j.i. kleinberg
Horseshoe © j.i. kleinberg 2011
second-hand shoe, thrift-store horses, fabric paint
created for the annual Stilettos on Parade at 12th Street Shoes, Bellingham, Washington
(co-winner of the ‘People’s Choice’ award)

jute basket
jute basket © j.i. kleinberg 1972
crochet with plaited handle ~ 12″ tall, 15″ diam
collection of Rob Fallis

ikat-dyed crochet forms
rattles © j.i. kleinberg 1970
single-ply wool, ikat-dyed, white beans ~ crochet ~ large one approx. 4″ tall

greyscape © j.i. kleinberg 1972
wool and mohair ~ crochet ~ approx. 4.5′ x 7′

crocheted bed
bed © j.i. kleinberg 1972
foam rubber ~ crochet
i slept on it for years…until the foam rubber lost its oomph…then rolled it up and stuffed it inside something else…

the cure for naked watermelons

lampshade #2
lampshade © j.i. kleinberg 1976
bouclé yarns, cardboard ~ crochet
collection of Charyl Ann Parker

Horseshoe posted here

Sunset Crochet Techniques & Projects chapter graphic

jik pig in Sunset Crochet Techniques & Projects

jik pig
Pig © j.i. kleinberg 1973
wool, cowhair, mohair ~ crochet
collection of Norman Courtney
included in Crochet Techniques & Projects (Lane Publishing, 1975)

Button Up

Button Up
Button Up © j.i. kleinberg 1980

egg © j.i. kleinberg 1969
ikat-dyed sisal ~ macrame ~ 5″ long


basket - detail
basket © j.i. kleinberg 1976
mixed fibers ~ crochet ~ 16″ tall, 27″ diam
collection of A & J Hauberg

purple mushroom
mushroom © j.i. kleinberg 1969
bouclé ~ macrame ~ 7″ tall

mushroom © j.i. kleinberg 1969
cotton chenille ~ macrame ~ 10″ tall

mushroom © j.i. kleinberg 1969
hand-spun Greek wool ~ macrame ~ 9″ tall
collection of Susan Bender

needle au natural
space needle as observed in its natural habitat © j.i. kleinberg 1976
eucalyptus pods, chenille, paper ~ 2″ tall
collection of and/or

needle au natural
aerial view

patchwork © j.i. kleinberg 1975
leather/suede, denim, embroidery floss

Blondie's Revenge

Blondie's Revenge ~ detail
Blondie’s Revenge © j.i. kleinberg 1976
crocheted wire over plaited comics ~ 21″ diam x 18″ high
collected by Catherine Hillenbrand

6 responses to “frolics

  1. Catherine Hillenbrand July 14, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Judy, I wish Blondie’s Revenge were still in my collection! I suppose metaphorically it is.

    I gave it to a friend as a wedding present; unfortunately the marriage didn’t last, and I don’t know what happened to Blondie. Those were fantastic pieces you showed at the then Modern Art Pavilion in Seattle Center. The irony now is all the baskets we see made from old magazines from all over the world as fair trade, economic development tools.

  2. Cupcake Murphy November 26, 2011 at 8:27 am

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Found Poems. I wish you had a dictionary sized book of them.

  3. jik November 26, 2011 at 10:18 am

    Thanks! Not quite dictionary-sized yet, but I’ve posted on the subject a number of times on the Boynton Poetry Contest blog. Here’s a link to the tag found poetry:

  4. susan December 31, 2011 at 11:33 am

    I wish we lived at least in the same state – your creations really resonate with me!!! Like the WordPress format – is it easy to learn?
    Susan O Socorro!

  5. jik December 31, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    me too…and YES…easy, flexible, waiting for the in-pouring…
    happy new year!

  6. gonerustic September 19, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Especially love ‘greyscape’ and ‘egg’ =D

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