chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things

found poem: the mountain

found poem: winter

found poem: The old sparrow

found poem: all over the map

found poem: a postcard

found poem: it’s easy

found poem: pressed

found poem: silver-grey

found poem: clouds

found poem: nature

found poem: craving


Produced in Athens, Greece, and edited by Dimitra Ioannou, A) GLIMPSE) OF) has just published five of my found poems in the journal’s Feministic Series. Thank you, Dimitra!

found poem: in Emily’s garden

found poem: this sense

found poem: physics

Pamenar Press

Three more of my found poems have found a home at Pamenar Press, “an independent cross-cultural, multilingual, experimental publisher, based in the UK, Canada and Iran.” I’m honored.

Word For/Word

Very pleased that Word For/Word has muscled through against the odds and published five of my found poems. The pieces were submitted nearly a year ago for Volume 36, which was originally slated for summer. So here’s a little dose of summer for you. Thanks, WF/W!

found poem: What’s the age

found poem: after

found poem: Farewell

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