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space needle in the wild…

needle au naturalThe 605-foot tall Space Needle was completed in December 1961 and opened on the first day of the World’s Fair, April 21, 1962.

Pictured here, the space needle as seen in its natural environment
© j.i. kleinberg 1976
eucalyptus pods, chenille, paper
2″ tall
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“Seat and Read”

Seat and Read

Paper Cha(i)se

Seat and Read opening
Seat and Read was a July 1979 exhibition of seating and accompanying reading material at and/or gallery in Seattle. Curators: Joyce Moty and Buster Simpson.
Paper Cha(i)se – A Disposable Crocheted Paper Sofa © j.i. kleinberg 1979
Newsprint donated by the Seattle Times
Color photo by Cathy Hillenbrand; black and white photos from exhibit catalog by Buster Simpson.