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Can you hear the yowls and yaps, the squeals and chirps? That growling sound, the one that makes you clutch one another in your tent… that’s the sound of SpeakEasy 22: Animal Beast Creature.

The SpeakEasy poetry series returns to Bellingham on Saturday, October 20, 2018, as poets Jennifer Bullis, Elizabeth J. Colen, Paul Hunter, Jeffrey Morgan, Bethany Reid, Kimberly Roe, Ely Shipley, and Sheila Sondik explore the power of animals — persona, myth, spirit, science, and a deep wildness. The program is free and begins at 7:00pm in the Encore Room of the Mount Baker Theatre. Village Books will be on hand to sell the poets’ books. Event info on Facebook.

SpeakEasy is an occasional poetry series that emphasizes themed, audience-friendly presentations of quality poetry by Cascadia-region writers. It is produced in Bellingham, Washington, by Luther Allen, author of The View from Lummi Island, and J.I. (Judy) Kleinberg.

Come experience the animal magnetism.

found poem: I liked



The descending forest trail had little understory. Gnarled oaks spread overhead, filtering the sun. The ground was dusty, marbley gravel underfoot, a thick layer of oak leaves banked at the edges of the path. Where the trees parted to reveal a particularly agreeable vista, log seats invited contemplation.

And in between the trees, here and there, just random enough to offer a very slight jolt of fear before the pleasure of surprise, were life-size animals created from twigs: boar, deer, roosters, even a porcupine. The lashed twigs captured the essence of the creatures, the familiar stance. They seemed to be foraging among the acorns, about to move, about to disappear as the light filtered through their twiggy bodies.

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