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found poem: practicing

found poem: the seasons

found poem: juicy

found poem: colors

and the first for 2020…

An auspicious beginning: a collection of “month” poems from right hand pointing that includes two of mine: April and May.

This is the third time Dale Wisely and team have selected my work for publication and I’m deeply grateful. (And also to find myself in such fine company, including Susan J. Erickson.)

found poem: rowdy

found poem: the seasons

found poem: April

found poem: Living


catching up…

Red at the beach ~ 1940s?In that busiest of months, April, NaPoWriMo set me to task each morning, but also distracted me from this flow of words. Without comment from me, the first two flashy rhododendron bushes put on their show, the tulips clench and yawn, the plums finish their bloom as the bees gush forth, late and desperate. This brief bee life. I find a mason bee walking along the pavement, no longer capable of lifting itself to a crack in the wall, a hole in the siding, the nest box.

Also unmarked was the 9th anniversary of Dorothy’s death. The time still has that elastic quality, seeming both yesterday and decades ago. In any case, another lifetime. I’ll get back to her, back to the tangle of unfinished sorting, remembering, forgetting. But for the moment the feelings are less acute, less wounding, and I like to think of the times we giggled together, triggering one another over and over, until our stomachs hurt and I nearly peed my pants. Nine years…those last days, that last day and night, staying up all night after, after, after I had gone to see her, gone. Poring over photos, making cards, 1911-2003, printing envelopes, walking them to the mailbox at first light.

I was wounded by what happened earlier, my childhood. But I was also wounded by the long erasure of my time there, in L.A., waiting but not waiting, doing what I could but never enough, shutting myself down to possibility. I was so ready for that chapter to end. Her passing allowed me to close the book without marking the page. This daily practice has allowed me to reopen the book, rediscover the stories, repair the binding.

Day Fourteen…


Today’s prompt comes from Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides: use the phrase Something _____ as the title of your poem, replacing the blank with a word and writing from there.
found poem by j.i. kleinberg ~ something _____
found poem by j.i. kleinberg

Want more NaPoWriMo? Say hello to Brooklyn poet-philosopher-alchemist Lynne Desilva-Johnson, aka Luna Parker at The Trouble with Bartleby.

Day Eight…


found (wedding) poem…

day two…

launching April…

A card by j.i. kleinbergAnticipate. Accelerate. Alight. Ascend. Attune. Await. April.
Foolish to write seriously on this day of antics, but it’s National Poetry Month and the first day of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), in which people make a commitment to write a poem a day, and morning finds me contemplating the possibility. Art. Avid. Artichoke. Azimuth. Amour.

Though it’s not necessary to use the day’s prompt, Day One is seize the day.

found poem by j.i. kleinberg ~ seize the day
found poem © j.i. kleinberg
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