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ART/LIFE Volume 4, Number 2

jik ~ ART/LIFE March1984

cover ~ ART/LIFE March1984Another page from ART/LIFE. For this one, the original was typed (on a typewriter!), then folded, pleated, creased, crimped, tucked, etc., then copied in an edition of 150. Each one was altered with a small piece snipped from an extra copy, pasted on top of its original position, folded, marked and signed (alterations not shown). Cover by Roland Diehl.

ART/LIFE Volume 4, Number 10

jik ~ ART/LIFE November 1984

cover ~ ART/LIFE ~ November 1984Another page from the eminent but erstwhile ART/LIFE, this one in honor of Halloween. Dress ’em up: print, cut, color. Boo.

Page by jik in a numbered edition of 160.

ART/LIFE Volume 4, Number 1

jik ~ ART/LIFE February 1984

cover - ART/LIFE Vol 4, No 1ART/LIFE was an amazing and widely collected monthly publication, hand-assembled from limited-edition multiples submitted by contributors from all over the planet. Starting with the postcard pictured here, I discovered the words-within-the-words, pasted down a line of tape between a word and its source, copied the whole thing (as illustrated above) and then, with a length of cotton cord, tied an actual postcard to the printed copy. Each of 160 copies was numbered by hand and the copies sent off to Santa Barbara for inclusion in ART/LIFE Volume 4, Number 1.

More about ART/LIFE here and on Facebook.

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