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found poem: and small birds

found poem: plants

found poem: The old sparrow

found poem: leaves

found poem: pine tree

found poem: we wanted

Entropy (again!)

I am enormously pleased that Entropy: The Birds has published three of my found-bird poems along with a wonderful photo of a juvenile Magnificent Frigatebird by Joe Meche Photography. Thank you, Entropy, and thank you, Joe!

(Entropy, which is a thoughtful and valuable literary resource, previously published two other found-bird poems of mine.)

found poem: to become light

found poem: Birdcage

Miracle Monocle

Thank you to Sarah Anne Strickley and the editorial staff at Miracle Monocle for featuring three of my found poems in Issue 14, produced in the midst of shutdowns and many inconveniences.

new poem

Sometimes poems get accepted by a journal and then are published with no further fanfare. Just discovered that my poem “Paying Attention” was quietly published in E.Ratio Poetry Journal, issue 29. Who needs fanfare? Very grateful.

and yet again…

Kind of surprising when the announcements come in one after the other, but I’m willing to accept it as gifts of auspicious beginnings for 2020. Thanks to Young Ravens Literary Review, which has published two of my found-raven poems in issue 11.

That’s Dayna Patterson’s “Heart Beet” on the cover. Swoon.

found poem: the writer

found poem: birds

found poem: bird

found poem: morning’s shape

found poem: writing

found poem: the birds

found poem: no seagulls

found poem: Once

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