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bulletin board
The bulletin board gene runs true in our family. My father had bulletin boards next to his desk and in his workshop — places where treasures would accrue and sketches reside as he puzzled out the mechanics of his vision. In my mother’s studio, an entire knotty-pine wall was covered with fiberboard that held newspaper and magazine clippings, drawings, small paintings and various natural objects she would bring home — a bird’s nest, unusual seed pods, a string of dried seaweed.

My own bulletin board, actually a pair of large side-by-side panels, is a chaotic layering of photos (primarily friends, animals and other people’s grandchildren), maps, things made and received, intriguing charts (the alphabet in sign language, A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods), poetry, calendars, name badges and my father’s slide rule. It’s visual compost; it’s a window I turn to as readily as the one across the room. It’s a collage, a time line, a changing prospect, and each viewing recalls moments, ideas and wonders. It’s Home.