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that holy veil…



talk…in a roadside restaurant, a long time ago…

“One lie is as good as another.”

“They’re not worried about us little guys.”

“My mother said what about locking the doors and windows.”

talk“Somebody stole the [unclear].”

“He has alarm switches in every room and flips them on and off as he goes from one room to another. He doesn’t feel safe on the toilet without the alarm system on.”

“Whose crime is that?”


‘What do you want from me?’ he asked, curious.

A juicy little movie of possibilities projected onto the screen of her mind. ‘Mostly, I guess, now and then, I’d like you to just stand here and hug me like mad. Wrap me round and pull me close and make the years and the distance disappear. I want us to keep telling stories. I’d like you not to vanish for months at a time. I’d like you to stay alive forever. These aren’t unreasonable requests, are they?’ she asked.

‘My dear,’ he said, ‘you are the quintessence of reason,’ promising nothing.

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