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January garden…

first sign of daffodilsI wander out into the morning chill, distressed to see how little winter work I’ve done in the garden. Apple trees to prune, a tangle of peonies and horseradish to dig, and everywhere the innocent-looking rosettes of new weeds that will too soon send up flower stalks and cast their seeds by the million.

Mt. Baker, peeking over the foothills handsome and white, reports more than 239 inches of snow, but here in the lowlands the ground is saturated, the daffodils are pushing up and one of the plum trees is covered with mustard-seed-size buds.

It’s a tease, of course, and late-season snow or wind may deliver a harsh comeuppance to the flowers tempted into early bloom. But still, in these very short, dark days, the garden seems to say, ‘There’s hope. Spring will come.’

And I’m listening.