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What Are Birds?

Not sure I can answer the question, but am nonetheless very pleased that What Are Birds? has included one of my found poems in the current combined 2.4/3.1 issue. Cover art by Mark Blickley.

found poem: absence


found poem: It takes courage

found poem: a mouth

found poem: even the echoes

found poem: How can we

found poem: the solstice

found poem: and he performed

found poem: in the introduction

found poem: FRAGRANT


signs of spring…

elkhorn cypress in April
The perfect greens of spring, scale precise upon scale, new growth bright as the robin chick’s gape, this hunger for air, for life, this urge to twirl the slowest waltz.

. . . . .
thujopsis dolabrata – elkhorn cypress

the morning…

gentle (561)*

a songbird…

November dance

Bellingham Repertory DanceIn the darkened room, as the dancers reached and glided and leaped through columns of light in the moves of their silent dance, the air whispered, shushed, erupted with the sound of hail pounding the metal roof.

Two more performances. Hail or no hail, go see them. Bellingham Repertory Dance.
BRD photo from the Cascadia Weekly

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