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Felt it.

29 Dec 2015 shake mapBed is a pretty good place to be in a mild (4.8) earthquake. It’s a little like being on a boat as another boat’s wake crosses beneath. I was reading (All the Light We Cannot See) when the house gave a couple of soft squeaks — one in the front, one in the back — and then began to shake. For perhaps three seconds the house shook along an east-west axis, and I in my bed-boat listened and shook along with it. Unlike my L.A. condo, which rattled and squealed miserably every time there was an earthquake (and there were many, including Northridge), the house was quiet. My heart was less so, roused by that shot of adrenaline, ready for flight. Until it’s over, you just don’t know whether, or for how long, it will go on, or if it will ascend the scale of disaster into something epic. It took a while to get to sleep.
. . . . .
Shake map courtesy of USGS

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