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found poem: an unfashionable

found poem: Frustrated

catalog season…

Browsing the L.L. Bean catalog, the anti-Vogue. Fresh-faced freckled girls in pastel zip fleece, turtlenecks and corduroy, unremarkable rip-free jeans or neat khakis, and sensible, ultra-flat blunt-toed slippers. Tidy oxford button-down shirts. Flannel nightgowns that button to the chin. A backdrop of footballs and campfires, backpacks and the endless supply of golden retrievers.

Not here the sultry pout, kohl-rimmed eyes, impossible heels. Gone the handbag-dogs, the eternally luscious romance of Kate Moss. Gone the adolescent bone-thin girls I’ve-never-been/I’ll-never-be, the starved cheekbones, the air-brushed perfection. Gone the tan, glossy-skinned men pressed in unconvincing lust against indifferent manikin models.

Surely not the extreme poles of fashion…merely two stops along the way whose images pour into each other to be reinterpreted, re-imagined, rediscovered on another page, in another season.