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paperworks - detailAfter many years of making fiber art, I felt the absence of words. First I tried to incorporate the words into my work, gridding out elaborate stitch patterns or writing on ribbon that I crocheted into an object.

Then I moved to another kind of fiber — paper. On a roll of brown kraft paper, I’d hand-write long, unedited musings, just writing and writing until my hand was done. Sometimes I’d do the same on a typewriter, writing margin to margin, without correction and without even re-reading what I’d written.

This word-covered paper became the medium, folded in on itself, twisted and tucked, torn and layered and stitched tight.

Each piece, all words, was an overheard conversation, a letter ripped in half, a book with the last chapter missing…

these random sketches…

fiber sketches by j.i. kleinbergWe studied textiles. We sat at looms. On long woven samplers, we traced the history of weaving. We threaded cards and heddles. We twined and knotted and looped our way through the millennia.

Then we twisted and bent and folded and amplified what we had learned to find our own language of fiber. One of the women said, I hate making all these little pieces; I have a drawer full of them. I want to make something big. And Ed Rossbach said, Think of Leonardo: all those drawings. Think how many sketches Leonardo made.

I am no Leonardo, but I remember Ed Rossbach, and I keep sketching…these words…here.