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LRK and bassMy dad played football for Case Tech (now Case Western Reserve) and in 1932 on the eve of his 23rd and final start before graduating, the Cleveland paper lauded him as “probably the best guard in the Ohio Conference.” He served as field captain for a number of games and was also captain of the wrestling team.

But by the time I knew him, sports were a thing of the past. Surely it would have been different if I had been a boy, but aside from occasionally tossing a ball or a horseshoe, he didn’t play nor did he ever express any longing or regret. Perhaps five years in the Army knocked it out of him. (It certainly spoiled him for “camping”; he swore he’d be happy never to see another sleeping bag.)

He stayed fit right up to the end of his life, and for decades was religious about going to the gym at the Y, but during my childhood he got most of his exercise working in the yard and his workshop.

I was about 7 when he went on the one and only fishing trip and brought home the big sea bass. My mother, who wasn’t much interested in fishing or fish, wouldn’t let him bring it in the house, so he laid it out on the sloped driveway and spent a few hours on his hands and knees carving it up, carefully wrapping each piece in white paper and sealing the packages with tape.

I think he gave away most of the fish. But he liked the photo and he liked to tell people he was the one with his hands in his pockets.