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found poem: The destination

found poem: Sometimes

found poem: your solitude

found poem: leaves

found poem: answering


cover imageSo grateful to Emmy Song and Minute Magazine for publishing my poem The first fold. You can read the poem online in Issue 7 and listen to the podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Spotify.

found poem: And in October

found poem: She

found poem: reading

a taste…

The barest…

ART/LIFE Volume 4, Number 2

jik ~ ART/LIFE March1984

cover ~ ART/LIFE March1984Another page from ART/LIFE. For this one, the original was typed (on a typewriter!), then folded, pleated, creased, crimped, tucked, etc., then copied in an edition of 150. Each one was altered with a small piece snipped from an extra copy, pasted on top of its original position, folded, marked and signed (alterations not shown). Cover by Roland Diehl.

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