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Beechwood Review

Just received my print copy of Beechwood Review 3 that includes three of my found poems. Fully half of the issue is visual works in color — found poems, erasures, collage, etc. Thanks, Beechwood!


Epigraph Magazine

Word For/Word

new zine


A Quiet Courage

Very pleased to have three of my found poems selected for publication on A Quiet Courage. The editor, Clara Ray Rusinek Klein, took the time to browse through chocolate is a verb and select the three found poems she wanted! I am so grateful.

found poem: A WAY BACK

just published

found poem: poems


found poem: poems

“Because resistance is fertile”

Rise Up Review
Very pleased to have two of my recent found poems featured on the launch of the found/erased page on Rise Up Review. Rise Up Review posts a new poem of resistance on the Home page each day, with previous poems collected on the Archive page.

found poem: to make

found poem: has ink

found poem: to wrestle

found poem: silence

found poem: there was

found poem: sneak

found poem: shape

just published!

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