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What Rough Beast, round two

Very grateful to editor Michael Broder and What Rough Beast (a project of Indolent Books) for publishing five more of my found poems of resistance.


Juke Joint

Delighted to have three found poems in Issue 7 of Juke Joint.

found poem: words

Angry Old Man

Another handful of published work: five of my found poems in Angry Old Man, Issue 7. Thanks to Drew B. David, editor, and the estimable co-Angries.

Thanks, too, to Susan Chase-Foster and Victoria Doerper. We’ve been meeting monthly since January 2016 to encourage each other to submit our work for publication. Clearly, it’s working.


What fun! I’ve enjoyed Entropy Magazine for a long time and consider their “Where to submit” section enormously valuable. Now they’ve featured two of my found poems in their special section, The Birds. Thanks, Entropy!

three more published


What Rough Beast

Special thanks to What Rough Beast (a project of Indolent Books) for publishing 10 of my found poems as their April 3, 2019, post. What Rough Beast posts “A poem a day [or 10] by a different poet exploring and responding to our nation’s political reality.”

four more!


found and published


one sentence poems


Hugely pleased to have four visual poems published in issue 7 of Hypnopomp.

From Wikipedia: “The hypnopompic state (or hypnopompia) is the state of consciousness leading out of sleep…. Its mirror is the hypnagogic state at sleep onset; though often conflated, the two states are not identical.”

I am not a silent poet

The Wire’s Dream



Yesterday’s mail yielded a nice surprise: issue 41 of Carousel, a bi-annual Canadian print journal that focuses on “hybrid literature,” with two of my found poems. It took a while — I submitted my work to them in August 2016 — but was worth the wait.


Very pleased that OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters has selected five of my found poems for publication in their Literary Arts / Mixed Forms / Other category (which pretty well describes them). Thanks, OJAL!

two more…

Always nice to start the day with a note saying that two of my found poems have been published! This time in the Glasgow-based Adjacent Pineapple, Issue 5. Juicy!

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