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Negative Capability Journal

The time elapsed between submitting a poem and receiving a reply (yay or nay) can be days or months. If the answer is yay, more time, typically some months, will go by before the journal is published in print or online.

Today, my trip to the mailbox yielded up this impressive issue of Negative Capability Journal 2021 and I was thrilled to find two of my found poems included, on pages 14 and 15. But oh, the lengths they traveled to get here!

I submitted the work for NCJ’s culinary-themed issue in 2015 and within a week received an acceptance. A year later, I sent along a note asking whether the issue was still moving forward. A couple of months after that, I got an apologetic reply in the affirmative. In 2018, I queried again. In early 2020, I received an encouraging note. With no further word, I yielded to negative capability, figured the publishers had refocused on books and that was that. Until today.

Somehow, the stove got fired up and Negative Capability Journal cooked up a 120-page collection of delectable writing, visuals, comics, etc. It’s not yet listed on the website, but is a repast worth waiting for. Thanks, NCJ!

(By the way, by negative capability John Keats meant “capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason.”)

Neologism Poetry Journal

Auspicious! Neologism Poetry Journal has published two of my found poems in Issue #55. They last featured my work in Issue #30 and it’s lovely to be included again.

Wild Greens

How nice to begin 2022 with a note from Wild Greens saying that the Generosity issue has been published with three of my found poems included. Thanks to Wild Greens, and thanks to YOU for showing up and sharing my collection of musings. Happy 2022!

Shrapnel Magazine

Hugely grateful to Jo Ramsey and the editorial team at Shrapnel Magazine for publishing five of my visual poems, including “detective of fallibility,” one of my very earliest efforts.

Apocalypse Confidential

Apocalypse Confidential, a web magazine of “edgy extrapolations, fringe fascinations, occult obsessions, risky ruminations, and aberrant associations,” has found five of my visual poems worthy of inclusion in that list. I’m thrilled and would be even more pleased if you’d visit the page and click Like, near the bottom, below the images.

Aji Magazine

Very pleased to have two of my found poems published in Aji Magazine, Issue 15, pages 70 and 71. Special thanks to Erin O’Neill Armendarez and Katie Redfield for their care and attention to detail.

The Pi Review

A surprise in this morning’s email: a note from The Pi Review saying that three of my found poems, submitted in May but never accepted or rejected, are published today! That’s the kind of surprise I like.

The Indianapolis Review

I am tickled to have four found poems published in the “Poets are Funny” issue of The Indianapolis Review. Editor Natalie Solmer has gathered some funny stuff for this issue, and we need some funny stuff.

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The Babel Tower Notice Board

home page image of The Confusion of Tongues by Gustave DoréAn online journal out of England, The Babel Tower Notice Board celebrates “any act of writing intended as revelry, dissent, transgression, heresy, pleasure or play.” Enormously pleased that they have found two of my visual poems worthy of that description, featured today.

Dark Matter

Hugely grateful to editor Melissa Kwasny and everyone at Dark Matter for including five of my found poems in Issue 13 (about halfway down the page).


Hugely pleased that Nadia Gerassimenko has selected four of my found poems for the inaugural issue of Moonlogs, a project of Moonchild Magazine.


The online journal Hush has published three of my found poems in Issue 2, here, here, and here. Thanks, Erik & Hush! (If you tried before, the links have now been fixed.)


Hugely grateful (again) to Dale Wisely and the entire Ambidextrous Bloodhound Press team for selecting four of my found poems for Issue 26 of Unlost. (At the first page, click Next to see the rest.)

Harpy Hybrid Review


black text on white ground with partial green underlineVery pleased to have three of my found poems published in the Italian online journal Utsanga. A journal of the liminal — the threshold between states of being — Utsanga favors the eclectic and experimental.

FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art

Hugely pleased to have two of my found poems in Issue 8 of FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art, pages 64 and 65. (Just received the hard copy of this impressive journal. It’s large — 8.25″ x 11.625″ — printed on heavy coated stock with lots of images.)

After the Pause

The West Review

Very pleased that The West Review has published two of my found poems in Issue 5, here and here. Thanks so much to founder and editor-in-chief Despy Boutris!

Global Poemic

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