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December 30

November morning…

cotoneaster ~ 26 November

First hard frost:
rime of white

leaves that were green
just days ago now red

dainty ermine ruffs
round their ruddy faces

ready for snow:
rhyme of white

© j.i. kleinberg

Sunday morning…

another doe, another dayMorning clear and hushed, the dawn’s nightgown a hint of peach at the hilltops. Outside to fetch the paper, I notice the fuzz of frost that whitens the bare soil, the edge of the sidewalk and the neighbor’s grass, where the doe and her large fawn browse, alert, and look up at me, all eyes and ears. They’re fat, coats brown and thick for winter.

The doe walks to the neighbor’s fence, her delicate steps small icy crunches, stops just inches from the gate, then, effortless, without bending or any visible bunching of muscles, flows over the top of it into the back yard. The fawn looks at the grass, and at me, then follows with dry whispery steps and leaps, like the doe, but for the loud knock of her back feet against the fence-top. In the ensuing silence, all that remains is grass-colored hoofprints in the frost.

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