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found poem: this historic

found poem © j.i. kleinberg ~ this historic
found poem © j.i. kleinberg


found poem: THE DEAD

found poem © j.i. kleinberg ~ THE DEAD
found poem © j.i. kleinberg

found poem: deceit

found poem: too much

found poem: looking

found poem: this strange

found poem: lies

found poem: the history

found poem: PERSPECTIVE

found poem: these

found poem: consume

to navigate…


The Ravenous…


to dream…


I don’t remember history. Events are conflated into a bad movie, without acts, only action, and many characters and many scenes. There’s no chronology stitching things in order. Thomas Edison and Mary, Queen of Scots, waltz together across the slippery floor of my memory along with Benjamin Franklin and Anaïs Nin, George Clooney and Emily Dickinson, Sigmund Freud and RuPaul.

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