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May your heart be full

found poem: her Christmas

round and round

Wreath or lifesaver or spinning dreidel…
with my warmest wishes to you for a colorful season and a luminous new year. j.i.k.



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joy, baby!

found poem: our frantic

Happy Everything!

the ram’s horn

LRK with shofar 1992My father’s faith was as solid in him as his bones. His father was a rabbi and as my father was growing up, the stories and practices of Judaism were familiar friends.

He was not a literal believer, but saw each tale as an opportunity to question and his intellect ranged through a wide field of philosophical thought. As he grew older, he seemed less inclined to formal practice, rather than more, but he still treasured the traditions of the table — and the deep connection to family that they symbolized. We celebrated the Jewish holidays with cousins — my father’s beloved nieces and nephews — and for quite a few years he was the eldest at the table.

The blowing of the shofar, the ram’s horn, at Rosh Hashanah, marks the call to the sacraments of the new year. Its blasts are heard traditionally at the holiday morning service, but the shofar made its way to our dinner table and each year the youngest acolyte would blow the prescribed notes.

Now and then, not every year, the shofar would get passed to someone else at the table who would purse their lips and blow — more often than not little more than a puff of air, no sound at all. In this photo, perhaps my very favorite of him, my father, who’s 80, shows his absolute delight at having coaxed a note from the unmelodic ram’s horn.

Beyond faith, beyond even my father, his expression seems to say something about the possibility of joy in the world.

A worthwhile wish for the New Year. L’shana tova.

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