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trying to write…

pond drying upWordPress tells me this is my 35th post entitled trying to write. It’s the same struggle: not for words, but for meaning.

I’m not much of a believer in writer’s block, but I certainly believe in sludge: that our lives can get so silted up that the flow is reduced to a trickle, a drying pool waiting for a monsoon. But in ordinary life, daily life, THIS life, there are few monsoons. We create our own weather — emotional, intellectual — or we stop creating.

Then there’s judge. We expect something fine from ourselves, examine every idea for brilliance, strike through words before they’ve even hit the page. Sludge and judge.

Drama kickstarts creativity. We write more when we’re in turmoil. What’s hard is to write through ordinariness. To admit ordinariness and then to find a way into it, through it, past it. That is the alchemy of poetry, of any good writing, of any art: to transform the mundane. Turn dull-as-a-post into a totem pole.

Time to freshen the stream, deepen the channel, check the weather.
. . . . .